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CS Weather

Click to enlargeThe Caroline Springs Weather Station was established in 2007 as a hobby and provides information regarding general weather conditions in the Caroline Springs area.

Bureau of Meteorology

The closest Australian Bureau of Meteorolgy weather stations are:

Station siting

The siting of this weather station is less than ideal due to the constraints of the local environment, ie the unit is set up in a suburban backyard.

The ISS is located 1.5m (5') above ground on a wooden post. The anemometer is located atop a 1.8m (6') aerial mast mounted on the house roof. The anemometer sits 1.6m (5' 4") above the roofline, and all up is 7.1m (23' 6") above ground level.

Caroline Springs Online

Located in the Shire of Melton, Caroline Springs is an 800 hectare development, aproximaely 22km west of the Melbourne CBD. The current population exceeds 16,400 people. The suburb is expected to grow to a population of aproximately 23,000 people in 8,000 dwellings by 2013. Caroline Springs is served by wide variety of shops, ammenities and schools.

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