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What's New

28/08/2009 Added Sun/Moon/Planets information to Astronomical Information Page. Data courtesy

25/08/2009 Added Weather Banners Page

16/08/2009 Added Cloudbase graphic to homepage

09/08/2009 Added Geoscience Australia links to Earthquake page

09/08/2009 Revisions made to 'Rain' page

09/08/2009 Major revisions made to 'Solar' page

06/08/2009 Major revisions made to 'UV' page

01/08/2009 Major revisions made to 'Wind' page

30/07/2009 Consolidated All Time/Current Month/Current Year climate records on 'Station Records' page

26/07/2009 Added Temperature and Humidity Page

19/07/2009 Maps and Images page updated: Google map now includes terrain view; images re-organised and two slideshows added

18/07/2009 Added Sun Path images to Solar Information page

17/07/2009 Added weather news RSS feed to homepage - Feed from Weatherzone (

12/07/2009 Revised menu to take into account new forecast page.

12/07/2009 New forecast page added - contains Weather Notes, Laverton forecast and Tullamarine forecast - all courtesy Australian Bureau of Meteorology

09/07/2009 Rainfall page completely revised

07/07/2009 Added Sparkline graphs to front page

29/06/2009 Homepage now includes current METAR conditions at Melbourne Airport

28/06/2009 Forecast page updated to show WX SIM & WU forecasts for six days

28/06/2009 Now running version 6.05 of Weather Display Live

21/06/2009 Added WX Sim meteogram to forecast page

07/06/2009 Added Atmospheric (Barometric) Pressure Page

20/05/2009 Added week ahead UV forecast - Supplied by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and the European Space Agency (ESA)

12/05/2009 Added Monthly/Yearly NOAA style climatological report

12/05/2009 Added Daily/Monthly weather data page

12/05/2009 Updated Almanac page - added graphics for Equinox/Solstice

01/05/2009 Links page - comprehensive update - based on CS Weather bookmarks collection

30/04/2009 Added Rain Table - Daily by Month

25/04/2009 Photo Gallery and Wind Data page now accessable from sidebar menu

25/04/2009 Sidebar menu updated to reflect new pages

25/04/2009 Added pages for Weather Data Archive, Astronomical Data, Earthquake Data

18/04/2009 Updated Fire Weather Page to include emergency broadcaster information

31/07/2008 Now running version 6.00 of Weather Display Live

10/03/2008 Added link to BoM Victorian Fire Weather Forecast

10/03/2008 Now running version 5.04 of Weather Display Live

05/02/2008 Now using "Gallery" to display photos.

02/01/2008 Forecast page now includes Melbourne forecast from Weather Underground

26/11/2007 Student Page added

11/11/2007 Climate Record Pages added

10/11/2007 Added WeatherLink current conditions graphs to home page

03/11/2007 Maps of Australian States added to MML

31/10/2007 Added Locally generated forecast (utilises WXSIM)

27/10/2007 Australian Map and Melbourne & Surrounds added to MML

25/10/2007 Web Album added

16/10/2007 MesoMap Live Page added

30/09/2007 Live Weather Conditions (Near Real Time) via WDL on-line

29/09/2007 Added additional wind data (available from Daily Stats page)

25/09/2007 Added UV Page

23/09/2007 Added 4 Day forecast ticker to homepage

18/09/2007 Launch of CS Weather