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Solar Information

Current solar description:

Current Solar %
Current solar Wm2
Maximum solar expected for the time of day Wm2
Current THSW ° C


Daily High Solar Wm2 at
Daily Low Solar Wm2 at
Sunshine Hours Today Hrs (Max poss. Hrs)
Time of Solar Max (Solar Noon)
Daily High THSW ° C
Daily Low THSW ° C


Sunshine Hours - last full hour Sunshine hours - last 10 minutes Sunshine Hours - last 60 minutes Solar 24 hours ago
/60th /60th /60th Wm2


Sunshine Hours Hrs
Day Length Hrs
High Solar Wm2 at

Month/Year to date

Sunshine Hours in Hrs
Sunshine Hours in Hrs


Current (WD Calc) mm
Daily mm
Yesterdays Final ET WD: mm | VP: mm
Total ET Last 7 days mm
Month to Date for mm

Station Records

Solar THSW
High High Low
All Time Wm2 on // ° C ° C
Wm2 on // ° C ° C
Wm2 on // ° C ° C

Sun path charts

University of Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory
Sun path charts for Caroline Springs. Click to enlarge
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Images created using the Sun Path Chart Program *EXT* from the University of Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory *EXT*