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Weather Station Equipment
Davis Cabled Vantage Pro2 Plus fitted with a Daytime Fan Aspirated Shield
The integrated sensor suite (ISS) includes a rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors and anemometer. The temperature and humidity sensors are enclosed in the radiation shield. The ISS is connected to the Console via cable. The VP2+ console is connected to a PC via the Davis Weatherlink Data Logger and Weatherlink software.

The solar-powered fan runs during the day and is nearly 75% as effective in reducing the effects of daytime radiation compared to a fan aspirated shield operating 24 hours a day. Since there is no backup battery, the fan will cease running when night falls and the effects of radiation are less.

Solar Radiation Sensor

For measuring solar radiation

UV Sensor

Measures the sunburning portion
of the UV spectrum. Allows display
of UV index, dose rate, and daily
and accumulated dose.
Images Courtesy of Davis Instruments

Weather Software
  • Weather Display by Brian Hamilton
  • Weather Display Live by Julian Best
  • MesoMap Live by Julian Best & Chris McMahon
  • Virtual VP, VP Live & Startwatch by SoftWx.
  • WeatherLink by Davis.
  • Digital Atmoshpere by Tim Vasquez
  • WXSIM & WXSIMMATE by Tom Ehrensperger
  • Cumulus by Sandysoft Software

Sharp Viewcam Model VL-E37
Lens: 8x power zoom F2.0 f=4.5-36mm
New life for an old unit.
The current camera is an analogue video camera c1996, rescued from the top of the wardrobe. Battery life was poor and you were lucky to
get 15 minutes of recording before the battery needed re-charging. The unit runs on mains power via an adaptor.